Danish business G4S and Israel.


Danish company G4S are being targeted by crazed lefty loons.  Just because G4S supports Israel. !!  Which is toadally crazy.  Don’t those loons understand?  Palestine is a figment of the world imagination.  Only the mighty Israel exists.  After all GOD said that the Zionists could have Israel.  And GOD is always right.  ESPECIALLY when he ‘says’ stuff to people. Like God told Bush to make war.  Like God told women to cover their heads and genitally mutilate their children.  Exactly.  See what I mean.

What on earth those pesky Palestinians think they are doing asking for ISRAEL’s land is beyond me.  Now,  if those people would just sit still and quiet and stop flailing about while Israel finishes its job (as ordered by GOD) to slowly but surely squeeze the life out of them,  there would be no trouble, and certainly no ground invasion or babies sucking on their dead mother’s toes in the rubble.

And it is important we get the terminology right here. Israelis are the CHOSEN people,  and all Arabs are terrorists. Not what the world might agree with, but does the world have a hotline to GOD as the mighty Zionists do?

And why should Israel care about what the world thinks?  After all, when GOD gives you so much as a nation, it’s not like a trifle like world opinion would matter.  No.  Lets face it,  Israel has to finish the job.  The job it started.  And if the GOD ORDAINED company of G4S can help them in the process,  then GOD BLESS G4S!!

That’s right, I said it.  God told me to. Like God told me only last week to spend four hundred dollars on a new pair of winter boots.  I couldn’t NOT do what GOD told me to could I?  God might then smite me and give me a chinese burn or fart in a cupped hand and throw it in my face.  God told me to put a kipper on my head and to break into next door and take a dump in their shower. Oh Lord,  I did it.  One doesn’t mess about when it comes to what GOD SAYS. GOD IS GLORIOUS!!! And very talkative. Actually, to be honest,  I can’t help wondering if sometimes he is misquoted.  After all, how can the Zionists be the chosen people and have GOD GIVEN right to the land they are shitting on (sorry, I meant to say sitting, it’s my Danish accent) and be allowed to do all that killing and stuff if I am not allowed to even kill one person who gets in my way?  It hardly seems fair that GOD says some people can do the killing and others may not.  But there you have it.  Zionists are the CHOSEN people, and GOD says they can go on a killing spree.  In fact,  if you read the Israeli national news at Arutz Sheva 7,  you will see that in their polls the Zionists are braying for blood.  “FINISH THE JOB!!” they shriek.  And anyone who says anything against this idea has of course forgotten the holocaust and is an anti semetic monster.  SHHHHHHH everybody, don’t say anything against Israel because that means you have forgotten the holocaust.  After a people have suffered so much in history, don’t you think that gives them the right to um….make other people suffer?

Now I have sat through passovers and sabbaths,  in the days before I did ‘informed decisions’ and all I can remember is an incredibly long and brain numbing amount of harping on about what happened many years ago.  At some point in the proceedings you want to stand up and shout: “FOR FUCKS SAKE,  GET OVER IT!” But no,  on and on and on about the exodus, on and on and on.  Talk about a victim complex.  Fair enough. IT’S THEIR RELIGION, AND WHO CAN ARGUE WITH THAT? And yeah. Just about the worst kind of shit went down over time. But it strikes me as very scary, that a group who do such harpings at home, and keep those harpings up and strong,  could have such a short memory when it comes to the goings on in the middle east over the past 100 years.  Didn’t their mother teach them anything?  Oh yeah *penny drops* so they did.  ummm…..

But I digress. GOD BLESS ISRAEL!  It’s a fabulous place.  Will be absolutely perfect for all the GOD ORDAINED zionists once all the edges are sanitized and the genocide of the Palestinians…ooops, sorry, I meant Terrorists, because we have touched on terminology,  is complete. After all,   when it comes to Arabs and Jews,  Jews are obviously better and deserve more because A) GOD is on their side and B) the US is giving them the green light to do whateverthefuck they want.  So with the two universal world powers on their side (obv. GOD being a close second to the US) oh…and G4S,  who can argue with that?  Certainly not the Palestinians.  What the hell do they think they are doing invading Israel anyway with their rockets?  If you ask anyone that GOD talks to,  if the Palestinians fight back with their poxy little wockets, they are asking for what they get.  Didn’t the rape of Ireland teach them anything?  Perhaps Arabs don’t read about Ireland in school, but at least they could listen to GOD,  I mean, they do have the internet don’t they???? Didn’t they get GOD’s tweet?  as in “hashtagIsrael…Jeeze Louise,  don’t those Palestines geddit?  I gaves the land to the Zionists,  wtf are they still doing there?  Should’t they all have just laid down and died by now?”

Actually, I have a confession to make.  GOD spoke to me.  He said:  “don’t forget to buy bin bags today”  oh shit no, that wasn’t god that was SIRI.

Ah, maybe this is where it has all gone wrong.  Maybe the Israelis are getting confused.  Maybe God isn’t speaking to them,  maybe it’s just a detached computerised voice with no soul instead?  Maybe they’ve all got their Siri function switched on and it has gone haywire.  Maybe they should have heard what the weather is going to be like in New York but instead they heard:  Take Palestine and rape the people? Easily done I suppose, those accents on Siri are hard to understand.

If you give a shit, there are groups in Denmark who get together and do little protests against G4 who are providing the lube for Israel’s GOD ORDAINED rape of Palestine.

But I would warn against such protest myself.  After all, isn’t a quiet life preferable to any kind of uprising.  Ah…JUL!!!!!

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